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Top Tips for Indoor / Outdoor Heating

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

As the weather cools down and winter rolls in, people are starting to look at the best ways to heat their homes and to enjoy time outside in the cooler months.

Heating can become far more efficient if we use the correct materials when insulating the home. Double and triple glazed windows and thermal break windows and doors don’t allow for heat or chill transfer through the materials and create mass efficiency.

While reverse air conditioning and underfloor heating is popular, I will always choose wood fires for a more eco friendly and economic option. Why? Because whenever anything is plugged into power, the power is coming from coal powered energy stations. If you’re looking for the most energy efficient solution to heating, glass fronted fire places are more efficient than open fire.

Wood fires in QLD help to combat issues that co-inside with humidity [aka mould spores] because they emit a dry heat. They are also a beautiful way to create ambience and in the world of TV that we live in, they are a way to build another space for the family to gather around and connect with one another.

Adrian’s Top Pick for Outdoor Heating: Firepit Orbs or Open Fireplaces

These are romantic, tell a story, generate massive amount of heat and have the added bonus of a visual display creating drama [artwork] around the fire.

Open wood fires are hot burning, high combustible heating solutions. As [generally] only dead wood is used, not forests are being cut down for fire wood and hardwood creates a hot burn with very little material.

Adrian’s Top Pick for Indoor Heating: French Hanging Fireplace or Glass Fronted Fireplace.

French handing fireplaces are great for transferring heat from all angles while creating a natural thermal shift around them. They are highly energy efficient as well as having all the senses stimulated (you can hear, see and smell the wood burning) because it is a safe open flame for indoors.

IMAGE CREDIT: Focus Fireplaces

Glass fronted fireplaces are (generally) a more budget friendly option for an indoor fireplace and when partnered with ducted air vents in the floors or wall grates becomes a very efficient and economic heating tool.


My Renovation Magazine published Adrian's comments on Indoor/Outdoor Heating and can be found here >>

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