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Making your dream home a reality

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Article written by Roger Pugh at The Big Smoke. Read it in full here >>

The idea of the dream home is something we all have. But what most of us don’t is someone to realise it for us. Consider then the genius mind of Adrian Ramsay, who prides himself on making your dreams come true.

Everyone cherishes a dream home, a creation of our imagination where someday we aspire to live. Our dream home is usually high on the list of priorities in realising our dream life.

When it comes to dream homes they are best achieved with commitment, direction and support from a designer you trust. If you’ve got a dream and done the hard yards to raise the funds, perhaps all you need now to make your dream home come true is the expertise of Adrian Ramsay.

Adrian is a creative powerhouse who has gained global recognition as a high level creative talent. He first applied his unique talent with international success in the fashion industry, then in innovation training in aviation and other industries. He now uses his vast experience, creative know-how, design expertise and understanding of clients to concentrate on designing dream homes inside and out, from the architecture to the interiors. Adrian’s focus is on home design for the opportunity to interact closely with clients and to enjoy helping them achieve the home they’ve always aspired to that supports their lifestyle.

Adrian is keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with a client engaging him to work on a task so integral to their lifestyle. It is more than a matter of track record and credentials it’s also about developing a true partnership with trust and confidence that Adrian will dedicate himself to creating their dream rather than imposing one of his own.

His designs evolve from an in-depth understanding of his clients’ lifestyle, tastes and aspirations. He is adamant that the closer the relationship with a client the more enjoyable the project and the more magic is created.

Adrian works directly with clients bridging the gap between artist and designer, developing hand-drawn concepts resolving design challenges and the clients desire form, function and flow.

Not surprisingly, he often discovers that his clients’ dreams exceed their perceived budgets. Fortunately, his creative expertise and experience extends to reconciling of the two. This is where innovation in design and commitment to his “Design Magic” process can integrate their dreams with the budget to achieve their ultimate home.

Adrian’s clients’ dreams for their environment are realised through architectural design and interior design. Adrian Ramsay Design House specialises in projects with build costs from $700,000 to $2 million plus. He is adamant that in the final analysis it is the communication of the dream and the partnership with the client that determine the quality of the vision coming to life.

Here’s a client dream which converted a small cottage to a beautiful, architectural, family home:

Here the architectural form allows for the creation of seamless flow in the interior:

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