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Sharing the design love

My Weekly Preview talks with Adrian Ramsay about design. Read the full article here >>

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When did you start the design house workshops?

- In February 2016

What was it that made you decide this would be beneficial to the community?

- I was looking for a way to share my design knowledge to empower people to take on renovations and build homes that work for their lifestyles, families and environments. I understand what points they should be aware of when I comes to trends and outcomes. I see so many people who have the skills and passion and are just they are missing the experience and knowledge. If I can share and this gives them the guidance to create a better home and environment, it benefits the whole family which makes the world a better place.

What does a typical workshop participant look like? (Is there a typical?)

- We have a wide range attendees from Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and further afield. Includes architects, interior designers, builders, suppliers and people looking to tackle a project of there own, some in there 20s others in there 60s, with build budgets from 10k to 2 million. While there isn’t a typical attendee the common factor is they love design and want to know more about it.

What are some of the topics you have covered in past workshops?

- Pools, bathrooms, kitchens, brick, rammed earth, tropical trends and the history of, to name a few, I pack a lot into the night so that there is always something for everyone who comes along.

What is the subject of your November workshop? Why is this topic timely?

- It will be inspired by my upcoming USA design tour, where I will meet with various architects interior designers and builders to discover the latest design ideas and trends.

Obviously, your passion has been one you have grown up with, but what is it that you think makes people passionate about designing their living spaces?

- I think it’s a bit like choosing what to wear, you get to unpack the things that support you emotionally and wrap them around you in your home, its very satisfying and creates a place that’s you. Also there are a lot of homes that are poorly designed to start with that need reworking to meet personal needs and wants. We expect a lot more these days than we did 30 years ago so houses need to be altered to bring them up to the market and lifestyles, if you do it right your adding great value to an investment so its smart to maximise any investment you have.

Should functionality ever take precedence over style? If so, when?

- Yes, as the old saying goes “form follows function” function is king this way we get to enjoy whats created as we interact with it .. we should always elevate beyond function to form so that we add emotion to what we create (this is what design is really about) when you have great function and form … you get to create “flow” now this is special

What is one of your most memorable designs? Why did this one stand out for you?

- There are so many that I love, one that’s imbedded in my heart is a rammed earth home that I designed in Buderim, while im always decoding the owners to create a design “just for them” this home had so many elements that I personally love that it was like working for myself as well as them, they are awesome people and let me lead them to some amazing custom features as well as create a truly special family home

5 tips for a successful design renovation?

Adrian's Top five …

  1. do a needs analysis on your home look 5-10 years into the future don’t be short sited

  2. check out if you will be over capitalizing, and create a budget

  3. get great design advice … you don’t know what you don’t know, get a designer who wants to create a design that all about you and within your budget

  4. create a design priority list, based on how much you use each space you are looking at updating ie kitchen everyone in the home uses so it’s a high priority

  5. don’t rush … get it right on paper before you start to build.

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