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For the first time since we opened the Adrian Ramsay Design House studio 19 years ago, we have entered the 2019 BUILDING DESIGNER ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA National Awards, at the urging of our clients who would like recognition for the homes we designed, and they love.

We are proud to announce that we are National Finalists, Awards will be announced on the 7th September 2019, so please whish us luck!

With a house design background of over 20 years, it is always a humbling experience to be chosen to design a home, the weight of responsibility of delivering a dream to a client that they will live in is always present. Adrian has worked across many design styles, from Georgian to Tropical light weight homes, from the United Kingdom to India to New Zealand and Australia, through this diversity of projects Adrian has developed a deep understanding of design and how it emotionally connects its occupants to themselves and the world around them, no two projects are alike as no two clients.

The homes entered into the BDAA Awards are both on the Sunshine Coast where Adrian Studio is situated, one nestled on the top of Buderim the other on the side of the hill at Sunrise Beach.

In Buderim the brief was to create a large studio space for exercise, wellness and games, including an indoor flow pool, the building had to fit into the site in front of the home and reflect the architectural style of the existing structures on the property, all this was achieved with a unique structure that delivers high function and aesthetics while blending in the environment and delivering on the brief.

In Sunrise Beach the Brief was to take an ugly duckling of a home from the 70s and bring it into the future while maximising the effect of the open pitched ceilings, increase the size of the home to accommodate for the growing family, new entry, games room and outdoor living over a new garage plus a Granny flat this all had to be achieved on a realistic budget and be able to stagged in construction so that the family could stay in the home while building took place.

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