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Tile Tips & Reno Trends with Adrian Ramsay

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

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Deciding on what size tile to choose and how to lay them is also a major consideration. And not surprisingly, is dependent on where you’re placing your tiles. Adrian Ramsay from Adrian Ramsay Design House says large format tiles are very popular this year, not only in open spaces but also in the kitchen and other external areas.

Adrian Ramsay talking large format tiles

“Large format tiles are also now being used for bench-tops, walls and exterior cladding's, often cut by a stone mason, not a tiler,” he explains. “These large format tiles are replacing the use of traditional stone in benches and as wall cladding's, with the added benefit of an impervious surface, meaning they won’t stain or wear like stone will.”

Adrian Ramsay bathroom renovation

Penny round and hexagon mosaics will continue to add a touch of sophistication to bathrooms and look stunning combined with the latest brass tap ware. And herringbone patterns in both bathrooms and kitchens not only add a stylish look and feel to any wet area, but also work perfectly in smaller areas to enhances the feeling of space.

Adrian Ramsay bathroom new build

One thing to note however is that the type of tile you choose and the way you lay them does impact on installation costs. Porcelain tiles with rectified or sharp edges are the quickest, and therefore, cheapest tiles to lay. Anything small such as mosaics or irregular tiles such as sandstone, granite, travertine or even antique tiles take longer to lay and so will also be more expensive on a square metre rate.

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