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Helping you live the dream

Article written by Roger Pugh at The Big Smoke. Read the article here >>

Sometimes, your dream home is closer than you think. Perhaps all you need is a man like Adrian Ramsay to realise it for you.

Sean and Rachael decided the time had come for their home to become their dream home.

Their dream was a free-flowing environment with breezes blowing through, lots of open space, sunshine, open access to the pool, a remote parents’ retreat, breathtaking sea views from the bedroom, a natural wood feel especially from the doors and decks, cool in Summer and warm in Winter, casual entertaining areas, a place that unequivocally represented their idea of home.

“I recognised the realisation of our dream would not be easy,” commented Rachael, “because it seemed a lot more expansive than our budget. It needed a bit of a miracle to make it come true.”

They chose Adrian Ramsay to design their dream home simply because he convinced them utterly that he was the best man for the job. Then Sean, Rachael and Adrian got down to work. “It was an emotional journey,” remarked Rachael.

First, they established that the dream and the budget were not incompatible, although Adrian made it absolutely clear that the dream home investment, while producing an immediate return in quality of living, would take a few years to produce a financial return.

Then the dream started to take shape through Adrian’s sketches.

They debated new ideas and options, the impact of council regulations, how to make the budget go further but above all they focused on keeping the dream alive.

As the project progressed Rachael became increasingly impressed by Adrian’s ability to solve problems creatively. “He seemed to have a unique ability to think well outside the square,” she explained. “He could see around corners even before they were part of the design.”

She was most impressed by the way he accurately positioned the bedroom window to provide sweeping sea views, and by a downstairs window which was carefully calculated to look out upon a tree instead of a wall. She was amazed that he was able to meet her request for a laundry shoot that serviced three floors of living.

Above all Rachael was impressed with Adrian’s ability to use space. “He is a genius at manipulating space to be as big or small as you want,” she said. “He was always able to make space where we wanted it yet he could always find the space to fit everything in. We were very comfortable in the space he created for us. He’s a master in the art of shaping space.”

When Adrian handed over the final sketches to the builder Rachael finally dared to dream that her home would become a reality. But Adrian’s work was not done, he was constantly on site to check that the design was being built to his uncompromising standards and to Sean and Rachael’s budget.

Rachael says she will never forget entering her completed dream home for the first time. It felt like she had truly come home.

“Trusting Adrian to design our dream home” Rachael mused “was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. He’s the ultimate planning, visualising, inspirational, confidence-building, problem solving, creative genius.”

When it’s time to build your dream home either by transforming your current one or starting afresh, an Adrian Ramsay design is the best guarantee of making your dream a reality. It doesn’t take an astronomic budget to work with Adrian, merely one that can match your dream.

You can get in touch with Adrian simply by calling him on 0490 547 760 or contacting him through

Everyone aspires to live in their dream home. Sean and Rachael are a testament to the incomparable benefit of Adrian Ramsay’s unique talents to make this dream happen.

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