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Eclectic Styling with Adrian Ramsay

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

ECLECTIC STYLE: The Do’s & Don’ts

If you want to create the perfect eclectic style in your home, you should forget every ridged design rule you’ve ever learnt... Eclectic styling is about gathering interesting pieces that inspire you and create a home that tells a story. Often the best eclectic styles are created by artists and highly creative people who literally throw the rule books out the window (and you know what? It works!). Eclectic spaces become more about placement of things rather than WHAT each item is. Generally speaking, an eclectic style has always got “quirky” items that are turned into art pieces through purposely placing them within your space. These quirky pieces may be artworks, sculptures, collections from travels, hand-me-downs from grandma or maybe your parent’s furniture they’re trying to throw out.

There are a few simple rules to follow when creating an eclectically styled space:
  • Choosing a STYLE of eclectic is essential. 

  • Do you want the boho look, or are you more interested in the upmarket luxury eclectic? Know what style you want so you can look at adding the right pieces into your home!

Create experiences within your spaces, with each space having a fantasy brought into it.

For Example: You might have 10 items from your trip to Africa, but let’s be real here, you don’t want to create an African room. Make your collections stand-out pieces by dropping them in where they support each other… Not necessarily right next to each other (scatter them around and always think back to the story you are creating).

Anchor the room with colours. Use your reds, warm, powerful and bright colours at the base of the room, and calmer tones as the eye moves upwards. This will ensure you have the colour you are looking for, without it becoming overwhelming.

Bring nature into the home. It helps to connect with the outside and enhances the earthy, natural, relaxed vibe you are looking for when working in this style. It also adds another dimension to the textures within the space.

Often eclectic spaces are very textural, know that you can pattern mix and create design with textures & furnishings – not just colours!

ARDH Renovation Bedroom Eclectic

Pattern Mixing! Look at French stripes mixed with Kulim rugs and handmade goods to give it an exciting yet earthy feel. A master of pattern mixing in lux style eclectic is Kelly Wearstler. Check out her amazing work here: Kelly Wearstler

Which eclectic are you?...

A Boho eclectic style has elements that move from rustic to more formal – generally this style grows from someone who’s grown up with their mother and/or father who’s an artist and they’ve learnt how to design through a lifetime of collecting and observing.

Upmarket-Luxury eclectic style is often characterised by large open expanses with sections of colour, mixed patterning, mixed textures, clashing artworks and handmade pieces scattered through a room. If you’re trying to recreate an eclectic style for your space and you don’t have a natural ability, ask a friend who has a groovy style for help - or a designer who understands vintage and thrift shopping.

My Renovation Magazine published an article on Eclectic Styling from Adrian's tips, you can read it here >>

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My Renovation Magazine: Eclectic Style Do's & Don'ts

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